May 16, 2012

William Shakespeare

Hundreds and hundreds were born,
Were died as days and nights…
But he is not moved or even shaken
Though the wind slashed upon him,
Though the earthquake smashed down him,
Natural or Artificial catastrophe besiege him,
He surpasses the test of time!
Deep impressions,
Sweeping expressions,
Plump details,
Puny lines,
List of wonder on his diction is endless…
Breaking the rules is his favorite style,
Even in private leash of emotions,
Anew shape was given to sonnets,
Comedy or Tragedy or Melodrama or Romance,
What not in his books~
Life in all forms and shades live in them!
Oh man, thy name is immortality!
Bless me thy spirit,
Elevate me at least teeny tiny measure of  thy height...

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