May 22, 2012

Still in Stillness

Year on year passes away,
The stillness constantly stays on,
Time has no civility:
At least to me!
Steep scuttling continues in all directions,
In all courses that life showed;
Dramatic and drastic changes did happen,
Alas! No change brings a result
But taught many lessons;
No conscious choice of track or destiny,
Blind folded with needs and duties.
Contemplating over past leads nowhere:
Mind teases the stupid race…
On hyperbole visualization:
Every soul in the world laughs at me,
And even zooms in the glittery shields of victory.
Ooh ff…  How horrible I was!
Only one consolation:
Alone, on my own traveled this far,
Blend but never lost in the crowd,
Lost the grip but not the rope!
Hope ebbs and falls but never dies.

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