August 21, 2011

Non-stop Journey in Darkness

Time just passes year on year,
Ironically life is still,
Round on round journeys in darkness…
Way back lost in the dense forest of love,
Deceived by an aroma of a flower
Fragrance lasted to see it bloomed into thorns!
Searched through the way out
Memory hunks blocked the paths!
Anew way dragged without an option
Into a dry dessert of sickness-
Both self and thicker blood kin-
Only soul to care for…
Passionless chore tests the tolerance
With brand new booms…
Thrashing fate,
Crunching finance,
Diminishing health,
Wrecked emotions…
Insecurity creeps in stronger day by day!
Tired of the journey with no colors,
Colorful dreams of beautiful landscape 
Shattered as sleeps are worn out of tears!

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