November 16, 2010

The Joy of a Moment!

Reasons have been consoling,
And convincing the stupid heart,
For more than a year to get away;
In a minute those reasons were broken!
The wonder on the earth is:
How crazy the emotions are!
How many hits and hurts,
How many sleepless nights with tears,
Everything evaporates in a moment,
Of a mellifluous voice!
Determinations, promises, convincing reasons,
Of a solid time of a year span,
All falsified in a single moment!

Tears rolled out…
Emoticons are known for gushing out expressions!
But, Emoticons are always fools,
And the pathos are rightly made for us,
Of our own castle in the air-
We build with immense dreams
We neither know to break it
Nor know to replenish it
We love it and live in it!

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