October 20, 2010

A tribute to Hamlet

 Numerous people talked about numerous things about Shakespeare and his plays especially about his play Hamlet. Still, as a literature lover, I would like to share few words that strike my emotions rather mind I would say. Shakespeare- in my humble opinion the man who shakes the world with his words. He wrote for his bread and butter and so, there is so much life in each of his line. 

The single play that describes all the practical struggles of human life is Hamlet. Though the settings and locale are completely different but each and every situations that Hamlet faces can be lingered to all human beings who were born, are born and will be born. What is not there in this play? Love, humor, philosophies, betrayal, sadness, madness, supernaturals, death, pain, knowledge, and so on... all the practical realities of human life is beautifully set in this play.

Polonius advises carry ultimate truth. Horatio is the noblest character of all who is the best friend of Hamlet. Ophelia the epitome of true love and dies for Hamlet. The King, uncle of Hamlet, is the epitome of greediness and betrayal. Hamlet is the hero of the play but he never does any heroism though he is the prince of a country. He has got all the goodness in his nature but he thinks thinks thinks and before he acts the villain would have executed his plans. Thus, he becomes victim of his wisdom! The beauty of the play lies in the moral -'One's own flaws are the reason for his/her fall'.

I do completely agree, often we blame someone for our mistakes but the truth is it's all our own decision. How many of us agree with our flaws. Why do we call Gandhi as 'Mahathma'? I got the answer only when I read his 'My Experiment With Truth'. He explicitly proclaims his flaws and weeknesses and that needs super ego power and so he is called as Mahathma. It needs enormous practice to accept the mistakes virtually.  Please read Hamlet not just to enjoy also it will inspire you to live a better life.

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