June 18, 2010

Why it’s ‘U’?

The ‘I’ never withstands self damage
Even with ‘h’ and ‘j’ ‘I’ never lose its dignity!
But one day ‘I’ lost itself in ‘U’
‘I’ knows that it’s melting itself
The phantoms of love ruined
‘I’ didn’t bother to lose itself in ‘U’
But ‘U’ insulted ‘I’ for stooping down
The ‘I’ has broken to ‘i’ – Lower case!!!
‘I’ cares only to keep the ‘U’ happy …

‘U’ weighs ‘I’
Mere vile dust that flies behind ‘U’
‘I’gets hurt and loses its eyes in tears…
Abhorrence is bearable for ‘I’
Rather being ignorable as ‘U’ means
Still ‘I’ doesn’t decipher why ‘U’
It’s only ‘U’ but none!!!
As a story reads:
“All the feelings were in trouble of being washed away in flood, Love came to rescue all in an ark. Except Ego others took the ark but Love cannot argue and convince Ego, thus Love stayed with Ego and died”
'I' dies in 'U'...


VJ said...

Well, 'i' should be happy having the 'M-I', guiding 'i' through patches of split ends, supporting every step in the arc of pain, not to see an act vain. Life is beautiful, it truly is. We always ignore all the good things around us when we don't have what we want. Don't be harsh as the reality is - There is always another 'U' who would bide and adore 'i' till it blooms back to 'I'. Cheer up and buckle you way into the mystical world where cupid still awaits. :)

Villow Spark said...

VJ, you easily said but how tough to switch over! Still 'i' never feels like finding another 'U' even now life is beautiful with all such pains. Hope there is no gain without pain! I do understand your concern, also trying to change :-)