December 31, 2009

Fluttering Butterfly

Just for a breeze of breath
Thousand words are rushing
With stain of blush on eyes
Hope and Joy are gushing
On reasonless relation
And for an answerless future!
Sometimes, the foolish subjective emotional gush
Squeezes the tears beyond the dam of social image!
Thorny stem of budding rose in heart
Pierces the poison of self-hatred!

A thunderbolt of silence,
Roaring oration of wordless moments,
Caressing sight in careless actions,
Discord the accordion of life!
In front, the open way to eternal peace
Lies invitingly with a gorgeous spiritual door;
Deeply tied emotional responsibility of parental care,
Unknown and unanswered nature’s curse- love!
Both heave harshly from the blissful gateway
An emotional burden clasps to gasp for breath!

Still survival pulls to run the ride,
Craziness prevails on senseless living…
A butterfly flies hither and thither-
Predicts life of heaven at a moment of fluttering touch;
Assures life of hell at a moment of flying farther;
But the butterfly only knows the ultimate truth.
Chaotic theory works in the both extremes!
But a rainbow colored truth or trance quiver…
Horrible to survive the pain of oscillation:
Death is sweeter than the bitter life!

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