April 2, 2017


All seem so easy:
When I see people around me,
Holding on to social values;
When I see them lead life,
Believing everything is running race;
When I see them evolve,
Accepting day-to-day mundane;
Sometimes, all seem so beautiful:
 When I see two lovers,
Hoping to get married;
When I see the parents,
Bringing up their children;
When I see children,
Playing around me...

A whack on my face:
Everything becomes nothing,
In real, life is too complicated to crack,
When I see children in cancer institute,
When I see a husband die at 40,
Leaving his wife with an autistic son,
When true love proves to be myth,
My faith is annihilated;
Time to time hopes of new joy,
Bloom and wither;   
Pain and sorrow linger,
And now I find solace in them;
For some, even a simple and normal life,
As per social norms, is a luxury! 

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