November 1, 2016

The Hero

A blaze ignited illegitimately,
Purer kind yet wilder,
Elegance in every sense,
Unpredictable and unconditional,
A perfect blend of Angel and Demon!
Men of his kind is very rare,
None stands against him with dare,
He rips the heads off in a wink,
Just for sport…
The world swirls under his foot,
In fear and terror.

The irony lies in the values he upholds:
He was annealed and hammered,
On and on, for the sin he knows not,
Placing family above all,
For the family he never belongs,
Loves brothers and sisters relentlessly,
Even after Knowing,
Everyone of them wants him dead!

The wonder lies in the way he loves:
Old-school type of sufferer in silence,
Inexpressible emotions flood in the tiny smile,
An artist of words and colours,
Sweeps away with an upright behaviour,
Never expects even a grain in return,
He loves with so much intensity,

UNCONDITIONAL in every way!

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