September 17, 2014


A vessel of shimmering pride:
A man-made wonder,
Floated on Atlantic,
Made a legendary mark in the time,
Built by and with only men power,
With no automation!
Still an invincible craftsmanship of its kind,
Hundred years of evolution of automations,
Tried not to challenge its peerless beauty
Even beyond its tragic massacre.
The experience of living and dying
In Titanic is recreated,
As a virtual and visual magic;
It reminds the magnificence,
To a few who forgot,
And it sheds light on the faded fact,
Of the massive grandeur,
To too many who unaware.
The fascinating fact is refurbished,
With an everlasting love story.
However, in the end,
The fact is faded,
Familiar only to researchers as technical data,
The artistic effort of visual beauty
Made the world wonderstruck,
As Sidney, Yeats, Keats,
And many artists believe:
Art is a higher and deeper level of truth,
Beyond the time-bound reality of immediacy,
Art-beautified facts are infused in eternity!

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