October 7, 2013

Lord of the Rings

I was mad and crazy of self-failures,
Inferior and frustrated were my emotions,
 Of unending, winding, dull and dragging routines,
Hope buds and withers without a bloom.
There comes a whirlwind of fantasy
To sweep me off from all the sadness;
It flares my imagination,
Illuminates the tired prudence in me,
The settings and locale are fantasized,
But the true colours of humanity,
Shimmers throughout 1200 pages,
Each page spreads the fragrance of nature: 
Meadows and pastures,
Turfs and twigs,
Speaking trees and walking wood,
Trickling and gurgling streams,
Budding flowers in numerous colours,
Wow, a fresh breeze soothed
The dry and arid mind.
Men are all in different forms and kinds,
However, all speak a kingly language
So delicate and dignified.
Strong will of smallest beings
Flip the course of the world.
Thus it brings in new hope...
A stretching and unending journey:
Through the unfriendly land,
With the heaviness of all the evil,
The tiny hero wins the quest!
Flipping page by page erases
The hardship of reality,
Eases the emotions,
Paints the world in green and glitters
Around me.

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