May 22, 2013

Melody of an Angel

 Vibrant and vivacious,
Hale and hearty,
Athletic and aesthetic,
Independent and innocent,
Content and confident,
Genie of joy and rescue
She is!
Dazzling dame of simplicity,
She wears smile as accessories,
And beyond her economical crisis,
She adorns natural elegance. 
In a fluke, she was pulled into a school,
Of not her kind.
She is an odd out of everyone.
Still a shining diamond,
Among rich and flashy,
Mad and clumsy crowd;
Walks with pride and esteem,
Mocks at mockeries,
Crumbles never for bullying,
Of well-off synthetic fellow student mates. 

On an unusual occasion,
Aristocratic lad bumps in,
With lavish looks and style,
Boasts all richness to make,
The elegant beauty to fall,
Instead the chap falls
For her pride of poverty,
Contentment and honesty,
Negligence of his regal arrogance;
A crowd of girls line up 
For his wink and whimsy.
But, she stands out with blazing innocence,
And with her willpower to withstand 
The ragging of his bossy attitudes. 
She made him realize,
A friend or a heart - 
Cannot either be bought or be won by the wealth.
He stoops down,
Loses all his wealthy arrogance,
Begs for her love.
She reciprocates his humility,
The emotional rush blindfolds her,
To notice his status of extravagance,
To notice his ruthless mom as President!

His love is revealed to his mom­–
Threatening force of president’s power,
She creates sabotage to the girl’s family,
The girl never gives up…
And that’s her inborn nature
The little cutie starts working in part-times,
All possible hours except school-hours.
President’s son is moved to another country.
The whirlwind of status ruins the joy,
Of their innocent love!
He is on realm of his business,
He shuns the emotional faculty,
Still loneliness encumbers
Helplessness of his social value,
Traps him into numbness.
He is accustomed to desultory life,
He never peeps out of his posh windows,
Both at his palace and transports.
 He also skips the longing lass,
She sells eatable on the roadside,
For her livelihood.
Still she never misses his car
Passes with closed windows.

Lulling lover’s closed doors,
And freezing numbness,
Chilled her to the bones,
Ripped off her agility and dexterity­–
Daring damsel sheds all her dare,
The genie of cure needs rescue,
Tears washed away the twinkles in her eyes;
With soggy face and sluggish gait,
With dropping health and drooping confidence,
With the pining pain–
With nothing or none to substitute,
She withers all her liveliness,
Death seems easier than living.
Love is an incurable wound and unbearable pain,
Love doesn’t always make life beautiful,
Love does make life a burden for many,
Love doesn’t always beautify a person,

Love does banish the beauty in many!

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