March 20, 2012

Change feels good!

Words in a rhythmic flow
Passion has its own magic:
Carpeted flooring,
Dry and tidy wash rooms,
Centralized Air Cooler,
Cushion seats with all adjustments,
A fresh cupboard with all privacy,
Surplus income beyond necessity,
Never brought a heart filled joy!
A humble Indian living
No more sophisticated looks;
Rustic and naïve companions,
Slowly, smoothly, and aesthetically  
Life paces on…
Enthralled lectures of masters
Are in discourse…
Relishing reminiscence of golden days!
Acknowledging ambiance,
Amicable amigos!
A striking shift is hard to imbibe.
As in vermillion cleavage of burning coal,
Burnt out ashes must wane,
Unless, the new blazes die in ashes!

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