January 18, 2011

A Kiss: Pursuit of happiness!

Days of burden and pain,
Deadly nights with swollen eyes,
Chains of vain moments and efforts,
Still, never drowned in tears,
Deliberately shedding passion,
Demanding survival
With loads of disgrace
Till senses get numb;
All become nothing:
At the sight of my mom's august walk,
After a decade,
In a crowd of biological relatives,
Who abashed her as dust!
 Mere for a material return...

My mom gifted me,
With so much fond,
With joyous tears in eyes,
With strong impression of lips,
With all bliss,
Aimed my right cheek but,
In emotional gush glides to the jaw,
A spontaneous KISS!
After two long decades,
Very rare and pure,
Though, she Kept It Short and Sweet,
Still gratifies all my penance,
A breath-taking moment of my life!

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Santosh Bangar said...

very good and touching post