March 3, 2010

Hope on a locked door!

The words are trembling
In the narrow passage of gushing emotion,
Awash tears confront
Beyond the comfort zone of distance with no reason,
Unknown fear yank
On unusual stillness of restive chatter box,
Heart pumps up
The pain of yearning for a poetic life…
Time moves
With a heavy stride and deep footprints of memories
Intuitive mind assures
On a glimmering future with such a brilliant hues
Factual reaction of the emoticon trills
The sweetness of flowery hopes and roots of intuition
Oh! Sweet and tender emote,
The measure of treasuring is hyping to Himalayas!!!
Beseeching sight touches…
A locked hard door of an empty room,
Mourning for a walked off soul!
The sight moves nowhere,
Still enjoys the beauty of even locked door!!!

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